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University of Essex
Representatives of University of Essex will be present at the World Education Fair and will be able provide you with detailed information about their institution.
In addition, next to one-to-one meetings with delegates, you will be able to participate in workshops and presentations on education related topics, as well to benefit from special discounts and many other excellent offers.
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Tuition fees 2020-2021
License programs: £ 9,250 / year
Masters programs: 7,700 - 16,800 £ / year
Sources of financing:
For students who wish to pursue a bachelor's degree program at the University of Essex, a primary source of tuition funding, is the Tuition Loan Fee loan granted by the Student Loan Company which fully covers the tuition fee costs (£ 9,250). .
Bachelor programs
1) BAFTA Scholarship
Awarded for the first time in 2015, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Scholarship offers funding to support aspiring actors studying under FDS-accredited programs. In addition to financial support, beneficiaries also receive individual guidance from BAFTA members on how to interpret their roles. The first recipient of the scholarship was Jason Harris, a student in the BA Acting program who received £ 6,000 in training support at East 15.
2) Carleton Hobbs Award
This scholarship offers students who win a 6-month contract with the theater department of BBC Radio.
3) EQUITY Student Bursary
Equity is the UK trade union for professional artists and people in the creative industry, known and respected internationally for their work with and on behalf of members who profess in all areas of the entertainment industry. Each year, two students are selected to receive this scholarship worth £ 500.
4) Romanian Partnership Bursary
Value: £ 1,000
The university grants scholarships of £ 1,000 to Romanian students who access their programs for the first time in 2020. The scholarship is only valid for the first year of the license.
All the following requirements must be met:
Romanian citizenship;
• have their domicile in Romania;
• I choose University of Essex as the main option (Firm Choice) until July 19, 2020;
• is registered in the degree programs, up-to-date courses, of the university, for the first time in 2020
• be a student in the first year of university studies in 2020.
5) Sports scholarships and bursaries
Value: <£ 3,000
Sports scholarships are offered to talented young people who practice sports, offering coaching and support services, as well as a free kit and free use of equipment, with values ​​over £ 1,000. In addition, we offer sports scholarships worth up to £ 3,000 per year for undergraduate students, for athletes with dual careers seeking to combine education with a career path that allows them to practice professional sports after graduation.

Masters programs
For students who wish to pursue a master's degree program at the University of Essex, the Student Loan Company offers the possibility of accessing a loan, up to £ 10,906. This amount can be directed both to pay the tuition fee and to cover the current expenses.

1) Alumni loyalty discount 2020-2021
If you successfully complete a bachelor's, master's or doctoral program, either at the University of Essex or one of our partner institutions, you can receive the Alumni Loyalty Discount gift. This can be applied to one year of post-graduate studies at either the master's or doctoral level.

2) If you hold a bachelor's degree awarded by the University of Essex, then the discount will reduce the tuition fee for the first year with:

• 33% if you obtained a diploma with First
• 25% if you obtained the diploma with 2.1
• 10% if you obtained the diploma with 2.2

3) If you hold a master's or doctoral degree awarded by the University of Essex, then the discount will reduce the tuition fee for the first year with:

• 33% if you obtained the diploma with Distinction
• 25% if you have a diploma with Merit
• 10% if you have successfully completed your studies
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